Friday, May 4, 2018

Artist Statement for The Secret of the Quaking Aspen

The inspiration for this video comes from my daily walks in nature with my large hunting dog, Perry. We head out of our back gated yard into a black oak and cedar forest, and then down a trail to the old Idaho Maryland Mine. The Mine area has lots of interesting junk left behind from the mining and logging companies, and, I invent stories as I pass these objects by, re-purposing them. A deep but small ceramic bowl lodged well into the ground bearing a thin metal cover. What might come out from that? Then there is the surrounding wilderness. I learn so much from observing nature along the trail that resonates on many layers of meaning for me. Once the trail hits the old mine all the vegetation changes into new growth Manzanitas, Pines and Scotch Brooms. Somehow, surviving all the changes is an old, tall and broken, Quaking Aspen guarding a lower region that turns into a swamp with the heavy spring rains. I believe this tree taps into the soul of the world and has understandings that are a mystery to me. I can only imagine what this Aspen has stood witness to among the madness of men. This is a judgment of mine, and I question it. I know I am interconnected to this history like it or not. Contrast this with the calls from nature to witness, sense,merge and inspire rituals. These separated parts of my psyche dialog with each other, looking for home, for belonging somewhere.

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