Wednesday, May 23, 2018

My stage is the outdoors

My stage is the outdoors. It's free. It's easy access. It's inspiring. And it's my collaborator. Here is a moment in time when the "movement artists" were about to roll around on these logs ( a scene I edited out) when I looked down and found this frog. Rather than move the frog, we moved over to not disturb its rest.  As I followed our movement improvisation down the logs, my iphone camera caught one of the movers (Juliet) imitating the frog's peeking out behavior!That was a nice "aha" moment for me. Working with nature means being both site/space and time specific. Heed the moment when it's there. Soon after I filmed the scenes with the Aspen, the March weather had the hill side covered in snow, then it melted into a swamp. The swamp grew into a pond with the oncoming rains. The whole basin turned into a different environment. A family of ducks would often be seen swiming, mommy duck with lots of ducklings all in a row behind her, and, my dog would go paddling after them! Never catching any but creating quite a commotion. Well, that would have been quiet a different video.

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