Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thank you Michael Richter for all that you do!  I see your kindness and acceptance of others, creates a warm community around you wherever you are. Your actions inspire others, like myself, to be the best we can be!
Last year, Michael created an Online Dance Group and invited me to join making this a group of 10 international dance educators. At the time he included me, I was bogged down with others jobs and responsibilities. Never finding any time for my creative self. I looked to Michael. I saw Michael following a dream he had, to create an Online Reading Research Dancing Live Stream Group. He had never seen such a thing, but he imagined it so. So, he contacted dance friends and got us all together. I came out of "the closet" and felt the least qualified. Still, I allowed myself to try and be my best to contribute to the dream. We all have talents to bring to the table. And in doing so we come out of our fear and allow ourselves to be seen. In being seen, we cultivate self acceptance and self respect. So it is with my experience.  I began teaching Authentic Movement Classes again, I created a Facebook Page called @authenticwithlisa " and this Blog, and, created projects such as the video seen on this
Blog.... Thanks to Michael's inspiration. And Michael's dream is a success. A great group of creative souls meeting online, live stream, once a month, with love and integrity exploring the medium of dancing online through GoToMeetings. We will be presenting our findings through this year of research at the National Dance Education Organization Conference in San Diego- October 2018. Awesome! And so- when you follow your dreams, you energetically give permission for others to follow theirs.

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