Sunday, May 6, 2018

Summer Thyme's

Those friends that know me, know well that my brain is NOT hard wired for technology. I struggle to connect postings and photos on the web or even worse, get lost navigating through gmail.  So it is a miracle that this video got made. A miracle, a whole lot of time, and a very strong Will; is how my recipe reads. I share this so that others who may feel they aren’t quite qualified to tackle their own video project might know that I wasn’t prepared either.

The Movement/Art Video was shot entirely on my iphone 6+ and edited on the iphone as well. It was funny to be moving around with the phone in hand while I kept one eye on the screen and the other eye trying to look out for where I was walking. I also was videoing a structured improvisation while holding in mind the shadow I create and the angle of the sun. Being a clumsy dancer helped because I would fall and catch myself graceful and keep shooting the film. So it goes.

Finally, I arrived at the point of editing. Editing was imprecise with the iphone app, leaving me to estimate and intuitively sense the cuts; but this could be seen as an advantage. The immensely slow internet responses at my home were enough to throw me over the edge of sanity, so I grabbed my iphone and headed to Summer Thyme’s. I found a hot cup of coffee, a baked good, and a fast internet just the right combination to keep me going. Cafes, I find, are interesting spaces that offer privacy in a public setting with no interruptions.  I guess you could say that the video was conceived in nature and birthed at Summer Thyme’s Cafe

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