Thursday, June 21, 2018

Flying backwards

This is what it feels like for me to be doing technological media things - flying backwards towards the floor. So here I am. Thank you Catharine Bramkamp of for giving me a private tutorial on Social Media and Technology. I think when I land, it will be impressive, to me at least. Now onto dance blogging.

I belong to an International Reading Dancing Research Online Group. We could use a simpler name but there are 10 of us and the group is closed, so the name is least important. The group consists of educators, choreographers, and artists of a professional status. What we do is read an assigned book and turn the reading assignment into a live stream movement improvisation through a GoToMeeting format. Exciting stuff. I am not technically minded and I can often lose the mic or camera connection for some odd reason and have some glitch of some kind that is apparently funny. Well, somehow it all makes for tasty soup.  We connect through our love of spontaneous decision making that is bred from observation, study, and research. It also helps that each of us comes to the live stream with an open, playful, supportive attitude.

Thank you Michael, Paula, MaryKay, Dana, Celeste, Robbyn, Cassie, Beth, and Dawn- my dancing online buddies!

When we meet, we are all in our square spaces. These squares are stacked upon each other like a version of the game show Hollywood Squares. (Yes, I watched a lot of this show growing up.) It is part of our research to see what reads inside these squares and what doesn't work. Sometimes, the movement score through the video stream seems flattened and less approachable. Other times, it's totally absorbing. For an example of something mesmerizing: A woman moving her hands through her hair in a frantic way ( in one box) while in another box, there is an open book in tight proximity to the camera, it's pages wildly flipping. Viewing movement in one square box, while in another is a moving prop, creates all sorts of exciting storylines and connections.

Comments? Anyone else out there with experience of multi -performance events occurring behind camera lens?