Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Dancing Reading Online - at the NDEO Conference

I'm headed to the National Dance Educators Organization Annual Convention. It's October 4-7 in San Diego. My dance friends and I are presenting our group called the Dancing Reading Online Group, because we read books, research how to present the material in the book into a creative dance exploration that informs our dance making skills, and deepens our connection to the reading material and explores our video/ internet skills: all in one swoop! Tall order but it is a super fun and valuable time spent with lovely dancing partners. Here is a photo of us on our GoToMeeting format. I am in the bottom left hand corner. Because it's the internet, we can meet from anywhere in the world, and we all live in very different locations. But this week, we will meet each other in the flesh, all in one physical location for the first time!

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