Lisa Barker holds a BA in Dance from UC-Irvine, and, a Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy from UCLA. She is a member of the National Dance Educators Organization.

In her early career, Lisa held the position of principle dancer with the Laura Knott Dance Company, and the touring company of Mandala International Folk Dance of Boston, MA. Later, she moved to San Francisco (SF) and danced in the companies of Tracey Rhodes, ContraBand, Dviga Vertof Performance, Enrico Labayan, and Cid Perlman. In SF, Lisa taught Modern Dance at local studios which developed into her teaching her own movement style based on dance, tai-chi, and zen called; Mindfulness in Motion. Several years later (1996), Self Magazine listed Lisa's Mindfulness in Motion as one of the, "10 Best New Age Classes Nationwide". Following this success, (1998), Lisa received a full tuition scholarship to UCLA's Masters program in Dance/Movement Therapy. During the two and a half years that Lisa attended UCLA, she held the position of Teacher's Assistantship to the Department Head; Dr. Irma Dosamantes. She also joined the creative forces of Simone Forti and founded, Group 5; a dance/spoken word performance group. Another collaborative effort was with Michael Richer, founding the company, Locomania which was the recipient of several Los Angeles County Arts Grants.

In 2002, Lisa lived in Spain and spent the year immersed in Flamenco dance, art, and music. Then in 2017, after a sabbatical of Motherhood and bookkeeping, Lisa returned to her love of art making and movement therapy and began to lead classes in Authentic Movement; a similar style of her Mindfulness in Motion classes from earlier. That year saw her inspiration, The Secret of the Quaking Aspen, a movement/art video, set in nature and created for the camera. Lisa directed and edited the video as well as having a hand in the original score. This video is part of Ruth Chase's Belonging Exhibition; May -July 2018, and can be viewed on this Blogspot. Currently, Lisa is on an international research dance and spoken word collective which uses the medium of live stream internet for their platform. Lisa and the collective, Dancing Reading Online,  will be demonstrating their work at the 2018 National Dance Educators Conference in October of this year.

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